Graphenus aims to bringing the platform's capabilities closer to non-technical users, by making available pre-built packages to provide solutions to specific problems and by including capabilities low-code.

Verticalisation of solutions (Accelerators)

  • Applying Graphenus' verticalisation strategy will allow for out-of-the-box functionality to solve specific needs of different types of business (pre-configured models for IoT, accounting, regulatory reporting, etc.).



  • This verticalisation strategy is aligned with the provision of software in the SAAS model.

Pre-built packages

  • With the main objective of reusing components, packages with common functionality in common use cases (parametric data validation, calculation functions, machine learning models, etc.) are being developed.



  • These packages can be downloaded from

Jupyter Notebooks

  • Graphenus supports Jupyter notebooks, which allow interactive software development, bringing together both source code and documentation.



  • Furthermore, the sharing of results in webapp format allows business users to exploit the information in a much more agile way.

Graphenus is designed to develop accelerators for agile implementation of solutions.


Graphenus' security architecture, scalability and Multitenant capabilities will allow the development of solutions that can be marketed on their own, especially in a SAAS model.

  • The development of vertical solutions will bring Graphenus' capabilities closer to business users, providing solutions to specific problems.

  • Low Code: having Low-Code capabilities will bring Graphenus functionality closer to business profiles.


  • Marketplace: the Marketplace will allow access to both the business accelerators and the functionality packages developed.