Cases of success

The following are some of the most representative success stories using Graphenus intensively


Elliot Cloud

Elliot is the leading intelligent infrastructure management solution.
Elliot currently manages more than 1 billion Industry 4.0 data per day, manages the water infrastructure that gives serving more than 25 million people and monitors and analyses more than 25 GWP of renewable energy generation.

Elliot uses Graphenus as data platform to store, process and make available all the information from the IoT devices handled by Elliot.


APOLO is the name of the project, which aims to calculation of multivariate commissions for the Asset Management sector.

APOLO is developed entirely on Graphenus, making intensive use of storage and distributed computing capacities.


Currently, a Advanced SIEM using Graphenus to store and interpret events (logs). using different Machine Learning algorithms.

Instead of developing the SIEM using the traditional ELK stack, it is leverages the power of Graphenus to increase the accuracy of security threat detection, minimising the occurrence of false positives.


LUCA is an accounting HUB whose main functionality is to convert, for any type of company, a business event into an accounting event, including the generation of entries that can be parameterised according to the different regulations and charts of accounts.

LUCA is being developed using the full capabilities of Graphenus, providing enormous scalability, traceability and governance of the process, critical aspects in the accounting field.   

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