Graphenus stands out from other distributions due to the availability of the most up-to-date versions of the main open source components: 

Graphenus will prioritise the continuous upgrading of the different components. The Commission will also provide for a reasonable period of time for the migration of components and applications developed on older versions of the platform.

Two evolutionary lines with one objective: to make the latest versions of components available to users.

Graphenus' release policy reduces the risk of technological obsolescence by continuously incorporating new capabilities.

  • Experimental line
    New developments
    New versions of the components
    Proofs of concept
    Own team looking for possible functionalities or new tools
    Release period: 3 months

  • Stable line
    Fully stable software
    Promoted from the experimental version
    Seamlessly integrated with the rest of the components
    Release period: 6 months.

  • Sandbox: the experimental version will have a sandbox format available for download from